A diet plan is a very important part of your weight loss/ fitness journey. I want to share with you a nutrition & portion control method that I have been implementing as of the past 6 months & had amazing results with.This “Counting Colors not calories” is a way to organize your meals, to keep motivated & stay on track with reaching your goals. It is structured yet not too restrictive to stop you from enjoying the foods you enjoy most. It can be altered to fit any type of schedule: no matter how busy you are and can be modified to work for the whole family. No more cooking multiple meals, weighing foods or eating chicken & broccoli for every meal!

So, lets break this down. Think about the macro nutrients that you eat on the daily: protein, fat & carbs. Now think about the micro nutrients you need also: fiber in the form of vegetables, sugars in the form of fruits & essential oils/fat from nuts & seeds too! Overwhelmed yet? No need, I have don’t the hard work for you! How about if I told you I have broken these food groups down into a color AND made them the container the perfect portion/serving size also!

Color Coded Containers and Sizes
▪1 Green Container : For Vegetables
▪1 Purple Container : For Fruits
▪1 Red Container : For Proteins
▪1Yellow Container : For Carbohydrates
▪1 Blue Container : For Healthy Fats
▪2 Orange Containers: Seeds and dressings
▪Teaspoon: For Healthy Oils & Nut Butters

Now don’t freak out, you don’t have ONE container for the entire day. The size of the container tells you how much of that food or the serving size that you are eating, and the colors tell you the type of food. That way you don’t have to weigh or measure everything in order to prepare your meals, you just need to pick the type of food and fill each container to know the exact recommended amount for your target calories. My target calories? But what are they? Don’t sweat it: that’s where I come in. As a Certified Nutritionist, I will customize this for you. I use calculations based on your height, weight, age, level of activity & fitness/health goals so determine the number of calories AND number of each container you should consume each day to reach those goals. I provide you with an extensive list of foods that fall into each color so that you can choose what food you want to eat for that container. For example, lets talk CARBS.  Personally, I mostly get my carbs from oats, rice and sweet potatoes, but clients of mine enjoy toast, whole wheat wraps, beans, peas… you get to pick your food! Can you see now why this is maintainable and therefore NOT A DIET? It is easy to implement on a long term basis as you choices for foods are vast & it doesn’t restrict you eating out or being social either!

Ready to give it a go? Let’s do it. I highly suggest pairing this eating plan with a workout program or even joining one of my accountability and online challenge groups. I confidently stand behind the services that I provide and therefore offer a 30 day cash back guarantee if you don’t see progress or are unhappy with the product!

Allergies or intolerances? No worries, you choose your foods from the list I will provide you. Vegetarian? No problem. Vegan? I got you! CLICK HERE  so I can learn more about you. I look forward to hearing from you!



Any thoughts/comments?

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