Before and After Body Transformation Kay H.

In the last two days I’ve finally started to see some changes in my body.

Clothes are fitting a little differently and starting to get a little bit looser, less lumps and bumps too. My husband says he can see a difference and thinks my arms and face are starting to thin. For the most part I feel great. I’m not as tired at the end of my work day as I was a few weeks ago. I’ve had zero craving for any junk/snack foods – which I would normally get at about 3pm and 8pm. I’m getting faster on the treadmill and stronger on the cross trainer. Seeing the difference this past week makes me want to do this more than ever! I know it’s only a small improvement and I’ve got a long way to go, but I can see a difference which gives me the motivation to keep going. Can this become addictive?!

STARTING DATE: 29TH November 2016
GOAL: Lose 13-15kgs
CURRENTLY DATE: 27tH December 2016

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