Trisha's Body Transformation

My name is Trisha!

Typically, after the holidays I like to kick off the start of a new year and try a new work out regimen and a new meal plan. I began speaking with my friend Simone and immediately got inspired. After listening to my struggles and difficulties with sticking to a realistic routine, She introduced me to online training, enrolled me in a 21 day challenge group complete with scheduled workouts and a nutrition plan. Instantly I knew this would be a completely doable amount of time and not only that, but the meal plan had so many options to offer.

Everyday she would check in to motivate and let me know she was there for any struggle I had along the way.

Within the 21 days, I lost 5 lbs and lost a few inches in my waist which was the most important area for me to hit.  I feel so amazing after going through this journey with Simone by my side and can continue to incorporate the workouts and meal plans into my everyday life which enables me to continue to feel good and look my best! A huge thank you to Simone because without her, I wouldn’t have found the right workout routine and meal plans to fit my lifestyle.

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