Ok, who saw my instastory? I’m in serious need of a little Spring Clean. I’ve decided that I need a little jumpstart or detox. Now I know I am not good with long cleanses, I also don’t do well with anything that doesn’t allow me to chew food (juice cleanse? No can do!) #iliketoeat But 3 DAYS, I can DO! And I can eat!

One thing I always need with these quick cleanses though-is SUPPORT.?If I know we are doing it together I’m more likely to commit! It’s a mental thing 😉 With that being said, I had this little box sitting around for a while and have decided to commit to 3 days to allow my body to reset, recharge & refresh! Goodbye winter bloat!

But now I need my accountability support, and that’s where YOU come in. Anyone wanna spend 3 days committed to getting some quick results? Contact me so we can get your enrolled so that your supplements are here on time for Monday!

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