Simone McKenna FitnessWhen I tell people I am a Network Marketer I typically get that weird “I have no idea what that is!” look… “Your in marketing whaaat?”So here is the most perfectly, easy to understand explanation of my profession.

I SHARE something I LOVE with integrity & passion. I know it sounds so basic right? And it actually is…anyone can do it! Not only can you do something you enjoy, but you have the potential to earn an UNCAPPED income too!

In addition, what I love about this profession is that it allows people to work in alignment with their values & to me that is so important in this day and age when people crave connection, meaningful exchanges and deep experiences and support.

You share your favorite Netflix series with your friends & family without even blinking an eyelid. Imagine getting paid to share ALL things food & fitness related that you enjoy just as much. You know what? Stop imagining. Start doing! WHY NOT YOU?


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