A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending a coaching seminar with my Columbus team. We were blessed with the opportunity to hear author, coach & confidence guru Rachel Luna present on being a successful female entrepreneur & how to craft our story. 

The event was unbelievable. She managed to speak to all of us at once, and yet related & helped us individually. Does that make sense? Like the things she was addressing and her tips & tricks to “leveling up” spoke to each of us on a personal level. There was one part of the presentation where Rachel shared her story (which blew my mind- how is someone so strong, fearless & brave after enduring so much?) and then asked the audience “Who wants to be changed today?”Of course everyone was too intimidated to raise their hand, so she plucked a young woman out of the crowd. Rachel questioned her, prompted her & encouraged her to dive deep into her past to write her story. Turns out (long story short) that this amazing woman was a recovering addict who has managed to turn her life around with the help of our at home workouts, healthy eating & supportive girl tribe. She walked off that staged with some homework (calling family members, keeping a journal etc) PLUS a new found purpose, confidence & outlook! 

I got home from the event after connecting with so many amazing women, and said to Scott- I don’t really have a story. Nothing like those I spoke with anyway! I mean I’m not complaining, because I’m so lucky in that I have had a life where heartache, pain and problems have been far and few between/ if at all. Some people have been through SO MUCH, which makes them relatable gives them power to help & inspire others on a similar journey, with a similar story. 

Scott shut me down real fast. No story? What do you mean? Simone you are the bravest, most passionate, dream chaser that I’ve ever known. You quite literally up & moved to the other side of the world to follow you heart. You left your full time teaching job at a school that you worked at since leaving university. A job that you loved, that paid extremely well & where the community adored you. You left the only town you’ve ever known & lived in. The place where all your family & friends live too, where you went to school, where your grew up, where you knew everyone & everyone knew you. You literally sold your house & everything in it to move to the furtherest city away (that you’d never even been to) because you were WANTING MORE OUT OF LIFE! 

So many people would have settled because they were comfortable & content. Not you Simone- you know what you want & you make it happen! Your story doesn’t have to be about heartache or pain to be interesting. Yours is about going against the current, stepping out of your comfort zone and having the confidence to create your own happiness. And THAT is inspiring!

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