Mother’s Day. Such a special day- we get to spoil the most precious person in our life! I’m super lucky because I get to spoil my Mother-in-Law (as Mother’s Day is celebrated on a different day in Australia, where my mumma lives!)

It’s the ONE DAY that mom’s let us take control! Am I right? My in-laws come over for dinner most Friday evenings and my MIL (mother-in-love, as I like to refer to her) always insists on helping with the cooking, clearing away, cleaning up…but on Mother’s Day, she lets me take charge while she enjoys her day. Can anyone else relate? It’s like when women become mother’s they inherit this super power that makes them so selfless. Always willing to help, know what to say & have unlimited patience and support.

OK, let’s be real though. It is so freaking hard to find the perfect gift for that perfect woman in our lives. How do we find something that celebrates her and shows our gratitude for EVERYTHING she does for us? Well, I’m going to say (in the hope of not sounding negative) that it’s almost impossible. So instead, find a gift that you know they will use and enjoy. It’s not about the money you spend on her but the joy it brings her.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list and links of gifts for the fit momma’s of the world that will promise to make her smile.

Let’s face it, she is always on her feet running around after others. Every mom (regardless if she workout or not) deserves a good pair of kicks! I LOVE Under Armor shoes. They are so light weight, comfortable and can be worn with jeans or skirts and still look ultra trendy too. I’m digging the pure white myself! A risky move if she has little one’s, I know, but it’s not like she is ever going to spoil herself with them. She is far too savvy for that…but you know she wants them!

Can you think of a more appropriate gift? Mom’s spend A LOT of time in the kitchen, whether it be cooking, baking or preparing meals for guests and family, now she can do it in style! This sweet apron is not only super sweet with the flory and polka dot print, but is totally practical too. I didn’t own an apron up until about a year ago… and now I don’t cook without it. It saves me so many loads of laundry! (Trust me, she will thank you for that alone!)


 Now, note this down! This is not just ANY ol’ yoga mat. This yoga mat is THICK AF. Perfect for any exercise, on any surface, at any time. It rolls up so can be kept in her car’s trunk and taken out at play time, for a picnic, a yoga class or any situation when she or the family may be seated outside. Mine has been so useful in so many situations: think outdoor cinema opportunities this summer too! Plus, it comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose her favorite!


Finally! A stylish day bag that will get her from work, to the gym and all things in between that is actually comfortable, affordable and pretty too! This Cosmopolitan bag is made from a special fabric which resembles leather, yet is actually made without harming animals. Win! Plus the padded tablet pocket will keep her (or the kids) tablet safe & separate from everything else she keeps in her Mary Poppins bag!


Yes- these bad boys live up to the hype! If you’re a sucker for fried food, this is a must-have kitchen item! Easy to use, fast to cook and dishwasher-safe, it’s a no brainer. Plus, new kitchen items means new cooking adventures in the kitchen! It’s a win for the whole family.


If your wife/mom follows me on any of my social media platforms, she will know about my unhealthy obsession with Fabletics. I own too many pairs of leggings & crops, or at least more than I’d like to own up to, because the quality, feel and designs are second to none. PLUS- bonus here for the men or kids out there that want to spoil mom. Listen up… their sizes are ON POINT! Go into her closet, take a look at the label and purchase her the same


Ok, admittedly, this one is a little pricer- but she is guaranteed to feel totally spoilt  with this gift. Plus, it is something she will wear and use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY so splurge on her! These things are badass too. They literally do everything from heart rate to step counts, to hosting competitions amongst her friends/contact. They have automatic workout detection features and are swim proof too. And, if that doesn’t impress you- it’s rose gold. Enough said!


So many reasons why every mom (or person really) needs this water bottle.
Firstly, it comes with a stainless steel lid for cold liquids AND a splash proof flip lid for hot beverages. It does both! Keeps liquids hot or cold for hours so this beauty is perfect for all those soccer games, gym dates, early morning pick ups, late night school functions and everything else mom’s have on their busy scheudles.


This spiralizer is literally the mother of all spiralizers (pardon the pun). It is vertical, so it is much easier to use than the regular hand-held devices. Plus, it has strong suction cups on the bottom, to help to keep it from moving around on most smooth flat surfaces. I love that the blades are hidden and protected too, far better for those fingers! The bets part? It is so crazy affordable!


I LOVE this mug! Especially as it doubles as a tea cup AND coffee mug. Perfect for morning, noon and night! Plus, the wording seemed only accurate too!

So there you have it folks! Hopefully this reaches you in time to inspire your purchase for mom and leave you with plenty of time to wrap and deliver it to her on Sunday. Or perhaps this blog post will be the perfect “share” in order to plant the seed for your husband, kids or others. HINT: if you did get sent here by a certain someone, this is your nudge… BUY HER SOMETHING from this list!

Do you have any other ideas for my readers? Be sure to comment with them below, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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