As many of you know, my husband Scott and I made the resolution to be more environmentally friendly in 2019 and beyond. We have always been pretty good about reusing and recycling but this year, our decision was to focus on REDUCING. Although in the past we had used material bags (instead of plastic) for our grocery shopping, we now use mesh bags for our fresh produce, nuts/seeds etc too, so that it isn’t ONLY at the checkout. We also cancelled the paper copy of our bank statements & decided to read/save them online. Another way the we continue to make a difference to the environment is to reduce our waste when it comes to parties.

We love to entertain and now that the weather is heating up here in Ohio, it will only become more and more popular to grill out and entertain on the deck. That being said, we’ve banned paper plates, plastic cutlery, disposable cups and straws from our events too. We are more than happy to have a sink filled high with plates and glasses than watch the trash pile up with waste. We have also been in good routine in saving our jars (from salsa etc), washing and removing their labels to use as glassware. Let’s face it, some occasions call for the fine china to be hidden, am I right?) Also, we have plenty of reusable straws so happy to provide them for our guests too.

Paperless PostSpeaking of parties, there is always so much waste around the lead up to the event also. The wrapping paper, the cards, the invitations. That’s why I am so pleased to have found Paperless Post, a a company that designs customizable online stationery, to show that communication can be personal and well-designed regardless of the medium. Paperless post offer cards, invitations & flyers for every possible occasion. They can be completely customized with your design or colors, personalized with your choice of wording, tracked so that you can see who has opened and seen your e-vite AND allows people to RSVP with the click of a button, rather than having to waste paper and stamps in responding via snail mail. Genius! I wish I had heard of Paperless post before I got married. Anyone need to send Save the Dates or Wedding invitations. How easy is this? You can even upload/export a file with all your friends and families email address. Can you imagine how easy it would be to send Thank You cards post wedding too?

I can’t wait to create the flyers for my upcoming Retreat and Female Fit Camp. Do you have an event, birthday, or celebration of some sort coming up?  In what ways will you commit to becoming more environmentally friendly this year?

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