I knew that she would be able to help me and that she truly wanted to help me reach my goals.

Before starting with Simone I felt frustrated and clueless as to how to create a consistent exercise routine and STICK TO IT. I did not recognize myself in the mirror or in pictures and had lost confidence in myself. I knew I needed guidance and knowledge around fitness in general. At this point, I was actively looking for someone to train with, when I met her and we talked about goals and my concerns, I immediately knew that she would be able to help me and that she truly wanted to help me reach my goals.

I have been working with Simone for quite a while now. She has seen me through my ups and downs, inconsistencies and triumphs. This year in particular, I made the choice to truly commit to exercise and focus on better nutrition. With her help, guidance, support and tough love 😉 , I have lost 10+ pounds from January 2019 to June 2019. More impressive though, is the amount of inches I have dropped in that time (Unfortunately I had not started in January with a waist measurement – my bad – but I do know that my side by side photos tell it all).

My mindset has changed, my body has changed! I feel more confident in both my body and my mind. A great example of this, is my challenge with push ups. They are one of my greatest struggles, and Simone knew this. She most certainly makes sure to remind me that I WILL finish the amount of reps that she have given to me during a session, because I CAN. She is simultaneously working on the strength of my body AND my mind. Every. Single. Session. Along with being able to do way more push ups than ever before, my core is stronger than it ever has been. Honestly…all of it…From top to bottom, I am stronger than ever.

I have a long way to go in this journey and many goals to reach. I would not have come this far without Simone, and I love that she will be here to help me reach my future goals and celebrate them.

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