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As a mom of a 1, 2 & 4 year old, I feel like I’ve got myself back…only better!

Before starting with Simone I felt stuck. Stuck with my baby weight and stuck in an unhealthy routine. I wasn’t happy about it, but didn’t know how to get started or how to change. I heard about Simone and her Sweat Squad through a friend and liked that she too was in Columbus so she was close.

In 4 months I’ve lost 18lbs. I’ve gained so much more confidence and I am more toned then I’ve ever been! Aside from my weight loss, I’ve noticed other benefits such as my skin being clearer and my mood is better too. I can run faster, lift heavier and know that I can keep going! I really just feel changed for the good! I feel healthy and proud of myself. I can try on swimsuits and not feel bad about myself.

My husband and 3 kids eat healthier then ever before because they see what it has done for me! I think about what I’m putting in my body more than ever before. I was so skeptical about joining an online program, but now I tell anyone who will listen about what it can do!

I feel like this mom of a 1, 2 & 4 year old really got herself back…only better!



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