This week, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Registered Dietitian and Diabetes expert, Kelly Schmidt. A few weeks prior, I had my blood drawn and sent off to a lab for testing to see what foods I was intolerant to or was experiencing sensitivities from. I was noticing that I was feeling bloated more regularly and my skin was breaking out terribly. Kelly uses a blood test to determine foods that are likely to be causing inflammation and then works with her clients (via an app) to educate and help rebuild gut health so that we can feel our best, every single day.

An intolerance to dairy I was expecting, what I was not expecting were all the others.

Experiences some digestion, irritable bowel, skin, infertility other issues? Contact Kelly Schmidt at or find her in Instagram @diabeticdiatitian.

Mention SIMONE to save $25 off your test. This is not a paid sponsorship or advertisement and I do not make money from this post nor commission from your purchase. This is just something I am super passionate about and would love for others to experience just how GREAT healthy feels.

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