Someone gives you 2 free tickets to an event, you arrive late (if at all) or leave at intermission, because… well, it’s not like you lost money on it!

Someone offers to pay for your dinner, no need to focus on what you’re ordering or even how much of it you ate right? You didn’t pay for it!

A vendor is giving away free shirts at the Arnold festival (or similar), people don’t even care what is written on it or what size it is, they’ll snap it up because if it doesn’t fit or they don’t like the color they can just throw it out! It wasn’t money out of their pocket!

We all want FREE stuff! We act like free is the best thing ever- but why? Free practically means that there is no commitment. There is nothing holding you to following through. ⁣This is why I charge a membership/enrollment fee to join my online Sweat Squad. It requires somewhat of an investment…Yes- it’s only $150- $200 PER YEAR but it’s so worth it!

Because here is the thing… I regularly host FREE GROUPS on facebook. And although I will continue to do so, the reality is…so many people join but take ZERO ACTION! So if you got my recipes and training guides and nutrition plans for free- there would be NO way you would give it 100%. I can GUARANTEE that. But when you spend your hard earned cash on something- I am willing to bet you’ll give it your all. That’s when you get the results. That’s when the shift happens.⁣ It’s honestly fascinating how many people are SO ready to start a health and fitness journey, have these incredible stories on WHY they need it, and then let a price tag be the reason they don’t do it. Now don’t twist my words… I get it- budgets are real & life is demanding. But let’s also keep it real! If you’re not sticking to the YouTube workouts and all of the free recipes you’re pinned, it’s safe to say that it’s time to INVEST IN YOURSELF!

Give me 30 days to prove to you why you should invest your money & time with me! Let me share with you my recipes, introduce you to our SweatSquad community, develop a customized nutrition plan for you & train you through my workout portal… and if you don’t get results, I’ll give you your money back! Don’t settle with FREE… you’re worth so much more! 

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