TIP NO.1- when striving for visible abs, importance must be placed on your diet. This shouldn’t be news to you- we’ve all heard “abs are made in the kitchen” blah blah blah. But ideally, for VISIBLE abs, you’d be in a deficit which means expending more kcals than you are consuming!

Also, it’s important to acknowledge the foods or drinks that make you feel bloated, such as artificial sugars or dairy products or carbonated water… whatever that looks like to you.🥩🍦🍛So TIP NO.2- Limit them. By finding out what and how your body reacts can drastically change the appearance of your midsection.

TIP NO.3- Consistency in the gym, training with free weights and incorporating conventional lifts into your training.🏋🏻‍♀️Doing endless sit ups or core exercises are really not too beneficial! Instead, try incorporating bigger compound movements like squats and deadlifts & other exercises which utilize core strength and stability. That👏🏼 is👏🏼where👏🏼it’s👏🏼at!

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