Where are my fellow perfectionists at? Come On, don’t leaving me hanging! It’s occurred to me over the past few years how much of a perfectionist and control freak I am. Seriously. I had no clue! As a teacher, trainer & coach- I guess I switch to “auto-pilot” as a leader without thought!  If you’re familiar with the Enneagram, I’m a hardcore 3, aka “The Achiever.” I want to do great things and I want to do them PERFECTLY. I’m super hard on myself, it’s hard for me to rest & let things just be a lot of the time. Anyone relate?

Whilst I praise myself on being super passionate & dedicated & hard working, I’m realizing that it’s becoming someone of a fault too! I struggle with having the mindset of “if I’m not the best, I’m failing.” Which is so unrealistic & false! I struggle at times with this mindset and find it hard to celebrate my successes because of it! Slowly but surely though… I’m acknowledging what is making me think & feel this way. I’m realizing that I don’t have to do things alone, that my team + friends + family are all actually super capable 😆 and are here to compliment my passion and work ethic!

Moral of this post…Stop comparing yourself to others & competing with yourself. Stop trying to measure up or be the best. You have nothing to prove. Just show up every single day. Be faithful & grateful for where you are with what you have. And keep moving forward.💕

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