Gosh- how my life has changed! Imagine if I had NEVER said yes to this online health & fitness coaching opportunity. If I had NEVER given myself the chance to succeed or build my business & brand doing what I am just so passionate about!

I certainly wouldn’t have developed this community (known as my Sweat Squad) who give me life! For real- showing up everyday to workout with others who are motivating & positive & genuine is so uplifting! Plus- it is through them trusting me to help them on their fitness & health journey, that I got to turn my passion into my paycheck & live the life I love!

AND… I wouldn’t have this photo! That time when I met Ruth in NYC for brunch & bellinis with on a random Tuesday! Nor would I traveling the world with my friends & family the way that I am! I am (no joke) being treated to an all inclusive resort in Mexico in January, a 3-day vacay to LA in February & an all inclusive trip to Punta Cana in March for the hubs & I- and all our coaching friends. These friends are the ones that have helped me to grow, who cheer for me, who want to see me succeed & have literally become my best friends! 

Now I say this not to brag AT ALL, but to show you what is possible & also to acknowledge how incredibly blessed & grateful I am. 

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