Before working with Simone I felt embarrassed. I kinda gave up on myself after having my kids. When I had my first kid I didn’t worry about losing any baby weight but after my second I realized how much I let myself go.

Then I found Simone on Instagram somehow and I just loved her energy. Since working with Simone I have become a lot more confident about my ability in the gym- it isn’t scary anymore!

I got into weightlifting because of the programs we went through together. I have more energy and eating healthier isn’t a battle any more. Of course my nutrition is no where near perfect but I am now more in tune with what I eat and doing so much better with my choices and portions.

Over the past year I have lost 32lbs. I went from 170lbs after having my son and am currently sitting at 138lbs but I am not stopping here! Simone has helped me to realize that I don’t want to hide anymore.

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