Before working with Simone, I felt anxious. I always had excuses for not working out by claiming I had no time. I would start and stop all the time. I had constant cravings, stress eating and unhealthy food choices that derailed me every time.

I met Simone through my workplace, they had her come in for the staff to partake in personal training sessions. From there I took her advice and kept in touch. She invited me to be part of a group of people that she coached but I had some concerns about starting. I hadn’t worked out in a long time, had several medical set backs and a long list of work/home duties. After talking with Simone on the phone, I found her to be very supportive and understanding. She really is down to earth and relates to the same struggles. She never comes off as someone that doesn’t need accountability herself or one that practices perfect nutrition.

Since mid July, I’ve dropped 11lbs. I went from 162 lbs to 151lbs & I’ve lost a total of 17.5 inches. I feel great and I can do so much more than I expected, more than ever before. I have more energy. I am more focused in my daily life. I snack less & I crave coffee less which I was not expecting. I feel that I am standing and walking straighter. I now prefer to work out in the morning which I would have never done before…and my clothes are starting to get baggy which means it’s time to go shopping!

I have to admit, I still struggle with my self talk at times. However, the conversations in my head are not as negative and intense as they once were and they are becoming less and less. I may not be able to push through difficulties in my life gracefully and with finesse but I CAN push through them.

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