How do we form a new habit?

Well according to my boy Tony Robbins there are several important steps.

  1. Make certain that pain is associated with the old behavior or “pattern”. Think right now… what is making you miserable/ disappointed/ uncomfortable in life right now? Every time a thought comes into your mind- question it! Ask why? And then why again! Until you get to the nitty gritty problem. That is the habit that needs to be changed!
  2. Link pleasure & positivity to the new habit. LISTEN UP! Forming a new habit may not be convenient and it certainly won’t be easy at first! You may have to sacrifice TV time to workout or your daily starbs to afford a trainer or professional in the area of your “uncomfortable habit”! But what will be the prize for developing this habit?
  3. Make sure that you have aligned this new change with your own morals and values! You have to know your why, your motivation, your reason! The leverage must be so strong that you NEED to make it happen!
  4. Make sure the change can be sustained long term. In order for a habit to “stick” you have to commit to doing it everyday without fail, until it is no longer something you have to think about or “try” to do. Do you have to remind yourself to close the door behind you or turn off the tv? There was a time you did, but now it’s habit! It’s possible with your new one too!
  5. And finally, this one’s from me😉 GO GENTLY! Choose 1 new positive habit to add & 1 negative habit to let go of. Once you’ve mastered them, repeat!

I’m working on creating new productive business habits and eventually it will be as habitual as pressing play on my workout everyday & meal prepping #glutenfree #dairyfree #eggfree meals… two new habits I’ve formed within the past year!

What new habits are you forming?

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