2020Let’s talk New Years Resolutions and goals.

According to Pathgather, the top 10 Resolutions year after year, are typically very similar!
Exercise more + Lose weight + Get organized + Learn a new skill or hobby + Live life to the fullest + Save money + Quit smoking + Travel more + Read more. Sound familiar?

However once the excitement  of a new year wears off, many people struggle to make good on their plans. According to a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 46% of people who made New Year’s resolutions were successful! So how can we ensure that we are in the that percentage?

1. Set a goal that motivates you
2. Limit resolutions/goals to a manageable amount
3. Be specific
4. Break them up into short term/ long term
5. Write them down
6. Share your goal with others
7. Review your goals regularly

If 46% of the population can… 👏🏼YOU👏🏼CAN👏🏼TOO!  So here is your chance to start!
Let’s mark off 5 & 6 right now. Share your 2020 goals below.

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