Beachbody’s 10 Rounds Workout with Joel Freeman was just announced & I’m about to give you the low down. If you follow me on IG, you would know that at the start of the month, the company flew me to LA to tour Joel’s 10 Rounds tour bus, partake in a 30 minute exclusive sneak preview of the program AND get my photo with him too! (*insert hair flick*)


If you’re unfamiliar with Joel Freeman, he is the (very attractive) trainer and mastermind behind LIIFT4 (the program that gave me abs for the first time EVER) and Core De Force (an MMA style workout program that makes you feel like a badass) & now he has created a high-intensity boxing program that is going to be AH-MAZIN!

The 6 week high-intensity boxing program is aimed at helping you create a lean and mean body. With round after round of punching combination you’ll be on your way to crushing your cardio and burning calories like crazy. My back muscles were so tight for a good 48hrs after I did this workout! I’m NOT a boxing girl at all, like I can’t throw a punch to save my life but after doing the exclusive preview… I am hooked! See what I did there 😉 Especially now knowing that there are 3 days of boxing (which had lots of squats & feet combinations too that I wasn’t expecting) and also 2 days of weight lifting. Now that I can get behind!Joel Freeman NLC

And let’s be real with ourselves, not only will it challenge us physically but mentally too! The last minute of each workout has a killer intense burnout round! But I’m ready for it- Get ready to crush your goals in just 6 weeks!

I have no boxing experience, can I still do it?

ABSOLUTELY- this program is for:

  • Those looking for an intense boxing workout at home.
  • Anyone looking to tone up.
  • People who are looking to get ripped.
  • Intermediate to advanced exercisers.
  • Someone who gets bored doing the same routines (new workouts every time!)
  • Anyone looking to get in a tough workout in just 30-40 minutes
  • Those who want to spend 30+ minutes with Joel each day!

What equipment is required for 10 Rounds?

All you’ll need is access to a set of dumbbells, a set of bands/loops (optional) and yoga mat for the core component!

When is 10 Rounds boxing program available?

It will be available to Beachbody Coaches on March 9, 2020 OR VIP Early Access will open to my Sweat Squad on April 6! If you’re thinking about coaching, one of the perks is we can order a program before anyone else!

HOWEVER: my team & I are offering a rare opportunity. This March, join us for a MONTH OF PREP: this will include a customized workout plan that will build up stamina, cardio & strength so that you are more than ready to tackle 10 rounds! The workouts are all JOEL FREEMAN workouts so you can get used to his training style & will be of similar length to our upcoming program too! Plus as always, you will get access to my weekly meal plans, recipes, grocery lists & online Sweat Squad too! The accountability groups that I host are where we connect and share motivation, encouragement, recipes, etc and is a great way to stay accountable. You check in daily with your workout & nutrition then plug in your progress pic, measurements & weight weekly! Plus don’t think we won’t have plenty of giveaways and prizes too! I AM JUST SO PUMPED ABOUT THIS!

Want to hear more? Better yet, want to try a FREE sample workout? CONTACT ME so I can send it your way & let’s get EPIC result together!

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