1. Get More Sleep

But anyone who has spent the night (or nights) counting sheep, staring at the ceiling, or tossing and turning knows that “getting more sleep” is easier said than done.Before you turn to over-the-counter sleep aids, set yourself up for sleep success by optimizing your bedroom — like using light dimmers so you can adjust the level of lighting, getting the right pillow, or investing in a sound machine. Getting enough sleep impacts your mood, mental clarity, ability to lose weight, energy levels, and more, so it’s important to try to get enough sleep every night.

2. Stand More

Research estimates the average person spends more than half their waking hours seated!  Even if you exercise daily, it is still important to stand occasionally. The American Council of Exercise suggests taking breaks every 30-60 minutes for best productivity!

3. Exercise Where You Can

I know, I know. The gym is closed , many don’t have exercise equipment at home and even leaving the house right now is pretty much not allowed. BUT- let’s do what we can! When you’re watching TV at home, you can designate commercials as a mental cue to get off your butt and fit in a few minutes (usually just 90–120 seconds) of squats, push-ups, or jumping jacks. This will not only help add to your total minutes of exercise each day but will also help you make better food choices during your TV watching. It’s harder to eat the rest of that bag of chips when you’re doing push-ups.

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4. Drink All The Water

Water is a great way to quench your thirst, but it’s also essential to many vital body processes. You’ve probably read or heard that you need to drink eight glasses of water a day. Turns out that’s really just a rough guide!  Your daily water requirements vary depending on your age, gender, size, activity level, and other factors. Use your body weight as a general guide to get you started. What is your body weight? Divide that by 2 and that’s the amount of water to drink, in ounces. So if you weigh 150 pounds — that would be 150 divided by 2, which equals 75. That’s 75 ounces of water you should be drinking every day. Stay hydrated and on track for your health goals by carrying a water bottle with you and refilling it throughout the day.

5. Get to Know Portion Control and Meal Prep

It’s all too easy to shove a burger in your mouth when you’re we’re rushed, tired or stressed. An easy way to prevent overeating or grabbing not-so-healthy meals is to plan out your meals and snacks for the week or day ahead. Prep “colorful” meals with the appropriate amounts of veggies, fruits, protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Not sure where to start or how to go about that? Let me help you, with my DITCH YOUR DIET mentorship! No weighing out your food. No calorie counting. Just match the container to the food group and you’re done. Another easy trick — downsize your dishes. Using smaller plates can cut down on your total caloric consumption. For real! Research has found that larger plates lead people to serve themselves more, eat more, and waste more food.

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