I love leading an active lifestyle and I’m committed to moving my body every day because I love how it makes me feel. It did take dedication to my routine to become this way, but now it is exactly that- routine! I couldn’t imagine my life without it! Back 20 years or so ago, people would take, on average, 10,000 steps per day. Now? Well, let’s face it, that number has drastically reduced due to the increase of convenience: drive throughs, escalators, food delivery services, remote controls etc. Although is still advised as the daily step count goal, many of us are not hitting those numbers….not even close! Quarantine doesn’t help either does it? Nor does this miserable weather either! But let’s not dive into excuses- we are movers, shakers & do-ers!

So, can we all agree that moving our body every, single day, is of the upmost importance? It is good not only from a physical stand point, but it’s good for our heart, mind and soul too! It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, Start by going for a 30 minute brisk walk, or run around in the backyard with the dog, or play outside with your kids! It is OK to start small, just START! But do yourself a favor and move every day, enough to get your heart racing, blood pumping and endorphins flowing. Trust me on this…you WILL feel the difference! Your quality of sleep will be better, you’ll feel more energetic, you’ll be more regular, perhaps even feel happier and you sure as heck will feel proud!

Tell me…how are you moving your body today?


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