Team KOHIGH Intensity Boxing Endurance + Strength Training Program

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Here’s a sneak peek into how the program is laid out…

  • 6 Week Program
  • Workout 5 Days per Week
  • Each Workout is 30-40 minutes
  • 3 Days of Boxing [10 3-minute rounds]
  • 2 Day of Strength Training – so yes, weights are needed!

**This program will train you to become more agile on your feet, increase your endurance, build your speed, and increase your strength** 

PLUS you will also receive annual access to my exclusive 2020 Sweat Squad which includes:

  • weekly meal plans
  • grocery lists
  • recipes
  • weekly check ins
  • accountability & support
  • local meet ups, prizes & giveaways too

THIS IS A BOXING TRAINING PROGRAM. But, you won’t be hitting a heavy bag or sparring partner. Instead, you’ll be doing it the way boxers spend the bulk of their training time — shadowboxing.


Who’s Ready to go 10 ROUNDS with Joel Freeman?

This is a workout aimed at ANYONE ready to transform!
If you’re looking for results that are visible and powerful, 10 Rounds & TeamKO will help you get “lean & mean.”

In 6 weeks, you will…

  • Build total body strength
  • Increase your speed
  • Be lighter and more agile on your feet
  • Sculpt every muscle in your body
  • Burn significant calories (average of 400-500 per workout!!)
  • Know how to box and defend yourself

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