On this day, a whole year ago I had my last day as an employee of Fitness 19, Westerville. The place where I volunteered full time for 10months, when I wasn’t able to work in the USA. The gym that became my home away from home, where I worked for my bestie Nick & got to hang out on the daily with the best members and colleagues ever. This “gym” was my comfort zone and the hub where I made truly amazing friendships.

It was bittersweet to say “See ya’ later” to the only workplace I’ve known since living in the USA, but for the longest time I’d dreamed of being my own boss. To create my own schedule, freedom & lifestyle…and on April 20, 2019, I am so proud to say that I DID IT!

15 months prior, I went “all in” with an opportunity that (quite honestly) I wasn’t expecting to be so fruitful. It allowed me to pursue my personal training & nutrition coaching online, which allowed me to impact more people than just my local community. Not only that, but the training & development that I did (both personally and professionally) pushed me above and beyond. It allowed me to hone in on my goals and dreams, explore my talents and develop confidence and self belief, which has brought me to this point in my business…and this is just the start. I’ve poured my heart and soul into growing my online presence, building my own brand and living out my purpose and passion. How lucky am I, that it has now become my paycheck too!

Through this opportunity, I was also able to open my own Personal Training Studio & continue to live my passion by working with local women. Never did I imagine that my clients would influence me the way they have. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such an incredible group of ladies! 

Thank you to my business mentor, Ruth, for opening my eyes to what is possible & Scott for being my backbone, my biggest support & the holder of my heart!🥳❤️ We did it!

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