In fact today (April 8th) I am 16 weeks & 4 days! Baby is apparently the size of an avocado, which is quite fitting really. The foods I’ve been consistently craving with this pregnancy are avocados, mangos, bananas and carrots!🥑🍌🥕At around 13 weeks I actually googled “how many mangoes are too many to eat in one day?”😂⁠⠀

For the most part, I feel great! My workouts have remained practically the same, except for core. For some reason training my core right now feels a little odd, so I’m skipping that until it feels normal again!🥊Luckily boxing provides a pretty great core workout on it’s own with all the rotations and slips etc. Oh and I’m out of breath, like all the time! In the morning I eat a bowl of oatmeal as my breakfast & some days I cannot carry a conversation at the same time… it’s too much!🌬️😜I do get a little dizzy from time to time, but other than that- we are doing great!⁠⠀

📸I am still taking my weekly progress pics because honestly it keeps me accountable. Knowing I have to pose each week stops me from over eating on all the wrong foods & keeps me working hard in my workouts each day. I’m still coming for some decent arm & booty gains (although I do feel like I’m holding a lot of water right now).⁠⠀

Where are my fellow pregnant momma’s at?
👇🏼I would love to hear how you are doing & any cravings you’ve had! ⁠

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