🎶Ohhhh, were half way there🎶
Yup, friends we made it half way. So what’s on the agenda this week?

1. I start an exclusive TOP SECRET PRE/POSTNATAL TEST GROUP with TBB. Of all the coaches who applied, 180 of us have been chosen to go through this specific program that will keep us fit & healthy through our pregnancy and help us to recover & to reach our goals after baby arrives. With our doctors permission, we have been granted access to pregnancy specific workouts tailored to the trimester we are in- and I’m beyond excited to see what my body can do in each phase! This is such a huge deal for me & I feel so honored to have been selected.

I will go for my 20 week anatomy scan (without Scott).It kills me that it is our first baby & that he can’t be there to experience all of this with me

3. We will be announcing our gender reveal! Any guesses?
Comment with 💗or💙below (unless you already know and in that case 🤫)

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