This week my team & I started a 6 week qualification period to become a 2 Star team. What does that mean? In short, we as a team helped a lot of people to get started on their fitness journey ANNNNNDDDD, my new coach mentorship is helping others to build, grow & succeed with their online fitness business too! **insert hair flick**

I’ve quite literally fallen in love with my “job”. Scott will vouch for me…sometimes I tell him I’m doing out Kroger click list, but really I’m chatting online to my coaches & clients. Yep… I’m guilty of turning down an early morning coffee date because I want to be working out LIVE with my clients.🏋🏻‍♀️How awesome that my biggest obsession, is now my business!

Coaching brings me so much joy and satisfaction. I think it’s because this whole business is based on BETTERING YOURSELF first and foremost to be able to share the feeling & HELP OTHERS to do the same. It is so much more than just heath & fitness coaching… its mind set & happiness & confidence too! I love that I am helping other women to build successful businesses but ultimately to enable the to find TIME + FINANCIAL FREEDOM the same way I have!

Whether you’re interested in making this your full time gig, making it a side hustle to earn extra income or perhaps just earn some $$ to cover your fitness fees…you can do this with us!

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