I still remember this exact day. It was my first time shooting a promo video with @_bodycraftfit .I was nervous about shooting with someone new & also slightly concerned about the two hours of rowing that was involved, after all I was 13 weeks pregnant. We hadn’t announced yet as my parents in Australia still hadn’t received their surprise announcement gift in the mail so it was all hush hush.

This photo also brings back so many “feels” as it reminds me of the promise I made to myself. Weeks 8-10 I had some crazy food aversions, felt super sleepy everyday after 3pm & unusually emotional some days too. I remember “blowing up” at Scott at the dinner table, for absolutely no reason at all & then climbing into bed embarrassed & sulking that I’d growled at him. I promised myself I would think before speaking/ reacting in preparation for all those sleepless nights ahead!

I can also recall a time when I knew I was somewhat exhausted: physically, mentally & emotionally yet refused to stop or slow down. The next day I complained of being tired & Scott told me I needed to “rest” & take it easy. I saw red- Rest? Why would I let one day change my workout plans or “get up & go” attitude?  That was when I promised myself that through this pregnancy journey I would only even mention anything or complain if it was a legitimate time of suffering, pain or hardship! The last thing I wanted was to “overplay” a situation and have it backfire on me!

But back to my original post idea, tell me mommas… has anyone else had a situation where the person they least expected to tell, was actually the FIRST person to know you were expecting?

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