This is such a weird time to be pregnant, for the lack of a better word. When we found out we were pregnant, we kept it a secret for so long. I had sent a surprise parcel to my parents and sister back home in Australia as I wanted to do something special rather than just announce it over a zoom call! APPARENTLY it would have been faster for me to have swam there and delivered it myself… it took over 5 weeks!😲🤦🏻‍♀️⁠

But finally they knew, so it was time to tell our friends, extended family & followers too! Who knew we would receive so many messages of love and support? WOW. This has been something else. We had friends contact us that we hadn’t spoken to in years. I had followers I don’t even know offer me some of their best “new parent” tips & tricks and had friends deliver their previously loved maternity clothes and baby hand-me-downs of furniture, clothes & toys they no longer need.👶🏻I love that this little bundle has already given us so much.⁠

In the middle of a worldwide crisis & pandemic, it’s so nice to have something to look forward to!💜I’m not going to sugar coat it though… I also am seriously DONE with “staying at home”! I want to celebrate with my friends & family, I want to be able to physically go to my OB appointments rather than have them over the internet. I want Scott to be able to come to our ultrasounds and hear our babes heartbeat and I want to be able to go to birthing classes and nursery shopping and all that good stuff.⁠
But in the meantime- let’s continue to stay at home to flatten the curve. Let’s continue to pray & dream. Let’s stay positive & connected & hopeful.🌟Thinking of you all.

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