Just one of the many reasons I wanted to be part of a network of coaches & not pursue something all on my own. I had tried that- it wasn’t growing, at least not at the speed or intensity I wanted it to.
Since all big events have been canceled or postponed, including our quarterly event, I took a trip down memory lane and looked back on my time as a coach. 📸🏖👯‍♀️WOW- It sure has taken me to some incredible places and better yet, given me the greatest of friends, moments and memories.
I’m so thrilled that our company knows how much these events mean to us & how inspiring & motivating they truly are.🌟I love that they too believe in coming together…and have organized for this event to be held virtually for the first time ever!💻In a couple of hours, thousands of us will be hopping on to workout, cheers with a cocktail (or a🍹muscle mimosa in my case) & watching the live stream of one of the most AH-MAZING events in our company’s line up of events!

I have so many men & women who have joined my 2020 mentorship for the income, the freedom, the chance to pursue their passion for helping others. But I also have many that join for the community… and I can’t blame them! It’s actually really rad! And we want to welcome you too.

Want to jump in on the action today? I’d love to see you there!💗Let me know in the comments below & I can send you the link! See for yourself what all the fuss is about!😉

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