“Because when you stop & look around, this life is pretty amazing.” – Dr. Zeuss

A year ago, I would NEVER have imagined that I’d be here. Building my own brand & business, scheduling my own hours, working alongside some incredible companies & businesses in Columbus (and beyond), sharing my love of fitness & health authentically and unapologetically & turning my passion into my paycheck. So I ask you this…

Are you existing day-to-day through your routine? Or are you living your life on your terms, pursuing your passions & doing what really lights up your soul? It’s scary doing things that are different, things that you MIGHT fail at. It’s hard to be independent and trust in yourself 100% to be more. But I’d rather do something that I’m super passionate about & fail time & time again than to look back at my life knowing I could of or should have done something or tried something new!

Why not give it a shot? I’m not saying to go & quit your job tomorrow or spend your life savings on a trip around the world… I’m simply encouraging you to take a CHANCE ON YOURSELF. Being too afraid to try is just not good enough. If you don’t try, you don’t even give yourself the chance to fail… you just will never know. Because if you take that chance…God forbid… you might even fly.

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