This week is a week of firsts. I left the house for the 1st time (other than walking a trail, going grocery shopping or visiting my in-laws) to celebrate Danielle’s baby sprinkle. Our babies are due a month apart: so they are 100% going to be besties!

Also, this week I ate an entire pizza myself in one sitting, so there’s that. I haven’t been as hungry as often, but when I’m ready to eat… your girl can eat!

Also, on Thursday I napped for the first time (in a long time) too! However, that could be attributed to the killer workouts I’ve been slaying recently. I’m loving the combo of HIIT & lifting- it makes me feel strong & allows me to practice my “birth breathing” too!

No updates with Baby P yet- I won’t get to see him again until July 1st when I go for my glucose test. It’s felt like a long time since I’ve seen him last. Not looking forward to that test, but it will be worth it to be in the actual OB office as opposed to online, & to be able to see his growth.

Not long now… it’s getting exciting!

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