When new or unfamiliar opportunities arise, do you accept the challenge with positivity & energy? Or do you shy away from them feeling inadequate or uncomfortable?

Yesterday I almost did the latter. I ALMOST said “no” to an opportunity to lead, inspire & motivate, all because I questioned my own ability & confidence to do so. But you will notice however, that I said ALMOST. Did I end up saying YES to leading a work call for hundreds of coaches (some who are top coaches in the network)? HECK YEAH I DID! But what happened between the limiting mindset “no” to the confident/ let’s do this “yes”? Let me tell you!

🔥ACCOUNTABILITY: I was actually stepping up for a friend (my mentor in this business) so I knew in saying no, I’d be letting her down!
🔥PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: I picked up my favorite feel good PD book by Gary Lee & convinced myself that if I say no to this, I’ll likely never get the chance again. So am I ready to rise?
🔥POSITIVE SELF TALK: “Do you really think Ruth would have asked you if you weren’t capable, Simone?” I have had great success in this business & need to start owning that- I have so much to offer & share with other coaches. It’s time to lead & show up as the boss I am!
🔥MUSCLE MIMOSA: I fueled up on my favorite natural caffeine/ pre workout cocktail and went to freaking work! I drink this every morning- not only to give me energy to slay my workout & crush my excuses, but it’s habit now. So when I drink it, my body & mind knows that the next hour or so is FOR ME! I show up as my badass alter ego self!

So now it’s your turn to tell me- are you a “shy away from new things” person or a “grab the bull by both horns”? What do you do to get yourself ready to be confident, proud & to be your BEST SELF?! Because remember…You are enough! 

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