Whether you workout in a group fitness class, online in an accountability group or in the gym with mates… there’s something so true to the quote “the more the merrier”… except, well, until now. Anyone else have those days where you lack motivation?You know you want to exercise, but getting ready & in the zone seems all too hard! What if someone sent you a motivational quote or progress pic or inspirational story to kickstart your mood? Or how about when you snooze the alarm (several times), skip a workout, find an excuse… do you have that someone to fuel your fire & set the pace?

And finally, who craves that #fitfam? Those people who have similar interests & goals & love to go rock climbing instead of cafe catch ups, or charity fun runs in a Sunday instead of staying out late in Saturday’s? That team camaraderie that we as humans crave! This is what I am offering you! Join my team, my fitfam, my community. Come as you are… as a beginner, a trainer, as a challenger, or coach, a yogi or gym junkie… you are all welcome! CONTACT ME & let’s talk! I cant wait to get a workout in with you soon.

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