Network marketing is becoming so mainstream these days. WHY? Because unfortunately, job security doesn’t exist. Nothing about “insecurity” excites me at all. But what does empower me, is knowing that access to these opportunities changes lives. HOW do I know this? Because it changed mine. All I needed to start, was to say yes. All I needed to be successful was WiFi, a passion for helping others, a desire to want more for myself & my family….and a product/service that I love & support, that solves people a particular problem for others. In my case, providing fun fitness opportunities, current health education & a supportive community for women wanting to feel confident & healthy. .
It is human instinct to share what we are passionate about, to share what has helped us and can it can help solve others problems too. Think about how innocently & often we share a review of a great restaurant with others…or promote a brand of clothing that fits just right… or shout out a product on sale at our go-to grocery store?

We are all influencers & marketing something, regardless of its our job title or not! So how do we capitalize off that? First & foremost, find a company that has values you align with, check out their compensation plan & find people on the business that have had success & are a positive influence. Then get to work- because Network Marketing is a profession! It isn’t simply a social or “get rich quick” scheme. But take it from me. Have your goals at the forefront, put on your CEO badge if you are going to do it, and commit once & for all. Because when you do the work… the results speak for themselves!

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