STOP EXISTING & START LIVING- but what does it really mean to be living?
๐Ÿ†to actively engage in your life and love each day with purpose & intent
๐Ÿ†to challenge yourself in many ways & strive for more
๐Ÿ†to choose to surround yourself with positive people & influences
๐Ÿ†to build healthy rituals and routines to keep you on course to achieving your goals
๐Ÿ†to fuel your body with delicious, nutritious food
๐Ÿ†to keep your blood pumping & mood lifted by engaging in regular exercise
๐Ÿ†to feed your mind & spirit with new learning & experiences
๐Ÿ†to pour into your relationships
๐Ÿ†to have confidence in yourself

๐Ÿ†to make every second of every day count
๐Ÿ†to leave a legacy to help make a positive difference in others lives.
Are you simply existing or are you living?

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