Have you been watching my stories the last few days? Yes? Then you’ll know what I do daily as a coach.. but the best part (that’s hard to share in a story or post) is that I get to help OTHER people.

When my clients send me their progress or program completion update, it honesty makes my heart so happy! Getting to hear how their lives had changed, & they were thanking ME for helping them! All I did was share my journey on here & it inspired them to start theirs.

l also mentor those that wanna do what I do too & make an income & it’s so great getting to see their success. I started this business for the business accountability & friendships (not even kidding) but I stuck around & fell in love because it’s the most rewarding job in the world.Knowing that you’re making a positive impact in someone’s life is just the best!! And getting paid for it & the free vacays is pretty epic too!

My main goal for the rest of this year is to mentor new coaches wanting to start a business & help MY coaches do what I’ve done for myself.⚡️If you’re a girl who’s already sharing her fitness journey & is open to trying something new.. MSG me!⚡️Or if you’re someone who WANTS to make a healthy lifestyle change & share it, slide into my DMs! My team is running this year with big goals & we’d love to have you rise with us!

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