In Nov of 2017, I started a new fitness & nutrition plan that allowed me to change my unhealthy habits & taught me a new way to think of food! In the past, enjoying a meal out wouldn’t have happened because I wouldn’t have known the macros or ingredients or the calories that was in my meal… you get the picture!⁣

I decided to slowly ween myself off weighing my foods and counting macros & instead start paying attention to the TYPES of foods I was consuming.⚖️Now I follow a more flexible nutrition guide that allows me to view food groups (💜fruits,💚veg,💛carbs,💙fats,🧡seeds,❤️proteins) as colors, opposed to fussing over the actual “counts” of individual foods.

I still choose to eat clean MOST of the time, but knowing that is MY choice makes me crave foods less!🍍🥑Like I can totally have something if I want it, which makes me want it less🤣! I have found that my obsession over food has lessened and I no longer feel like I am missing out.😎🎯⁣

Can you relate? Is nutrition the “hardest part” to staying on track with your fitness goals?😷You’re not alone. I’ve been there. If you’re ready to try something new or willing to learn… let me help you take control! MY ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NUTRITION & PORTION CONTROL IS AVAILABLE NOW & I WANT TO HELP YOU FIND FOOD FREEDOM. Because yes… in moderation, pizza, wine & tacos are approved!🍕🍷🌮

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