Is it possible?

MOST PEOPLE ARE FAST TO STOP YOU BEFORE YOU GET STARTED, BUT HESITATE TO GET IN THE WAY IF YOU’RE MOVING. – Tim Ferriss . Start that 1?? project that you’ve been putting off because others have told you “it’s impossible”, or “you can’t” or “it will never work”. Get the ball rolling and see […]

Fitness & Friendship.

I honestly can’t even begin to put into words how I am feeling right now! Today was a dream come true- meeting my idol and all time major girl crush!???? Unbeknown to each other, we had both planned a trip to NYC on the same weekend… so decided l, what better excuse for a Sunday […]


The best advice I can give to people who are doubting themselves & nervous in their abilities to join me as a coach is to, JUST GO FOR IT!!! What have you got to lose? I turned down this opportunity (twice) and only wish I had listened to my coach earlier & “taken a trust […]

It’s a New Week.

IT’S A NEW WEEK! Woo hoo! What did I gain last week? Ahhh, just a couple of inches around the booty whilst losing them from my waist! This program is legit! . My workouts are on average between 45 – 60 minutes in length and I do them whenever and wherever I feel like!???Also, I’ve […]

Building my mind & my muscles.

Saturday afternoons are for ME! I’m done with my grocery shopping, ?laundry, cleaning?, running errands, working out, meal prep… now it’s time to relax a little! I’ve always considered myself a lifelong learner but lately I had forgotten the power of a good book!?? Thanks to my #juvogirls I am excited to be joining in on this […]

Inspired by the CEO.

What an absolute honor it was to meet Carl Daikeler, the CEO & mastermind behind this biz & community. He is so incredibly passionate about health promotion & the importance of living a healthy lifestyle here in the USA & beyond.?????He definitely ignited the fire in me that makes me want to help as many […]


Guess what? You have a brand new week ahead of you. Although we have the opportunity to start fresh every minute of every day, sometimes Monday’s just seem like the ideal time!???So if you’ve been waiting for a chance to press reset, start over or just start… it is go time!???Let’s commit to eating a […]

Why I Became an Online Coach!

Why did I choose to become an online health and wellness coach just over 4 months ago So glad you asked! I needed a CHANGE! I needed an opportunity. I needed a community and I’ll come out an say it, I needed friends! I was new to the USA,??trying to pursue my passion of helping others to […]

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