What to Eat Before & After a Workout.

You’re overwhelmed with this whole nutrition thing, right? Let’s focus on just ONE aspect of your day to improve: pre- and post-workout nutrition. To start, let’s review the macronutrients that make up everything we eat: ✖️Protein ✖️Carbohydrates ✖️Fats PRE-workout: I recommend a balanced meal: including a protein, carb, and fat (the fat is debatable so […]

Coco-Loco Wonder Whip

Skip the expensive, sugary store-bought ice cream and make this easy, healthier (and in my opinion, more delicious) Wonder Whip! This dessert is  easy to make in one simple step and a healthier alternative to ice cream! And a heck of a lot cheaper too. Simply mix creamy, tart Greek yogurt with cacao powder and cacao […]

Huevos Rancheros

Stuck inside & missing your favorite brunch? Never fear, I have a healthy homemade Huevos Rancheros egg breakfast recipe for you! And it’s GOOD! Print Recipe Huevos Rancheros 191 calories |C19g | F9g | P9g ½ Green + ½ Red + ½ Yellow + 1½ tsp. Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 20 minutes Passive […]

BBQ Jackfruit Nachos

Can I get an AMEN for a seriously successful Meatless Monday that I nailed yesterday! This meat-free & vegan-friendly Jackfruit Nacho meal was a huge hit, even for my carnivorous husband!  The pulled jackfruit & BBQ sauce combo made for the perfect pulled pork substitute! Easily adapted to be dairy-free & gluten-free… this meal is […]

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