This super simple Chili Chicken & Cashew Stir Fry is so easy and quick to make, it really does equate to being the best mid-week staple dish.

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Chili Chicken & Cashew Stir Fry
  1. Heat pan on medium heat, with a small splash of coconut oil
  2. Slice and dice vegetables and add them to the pan- except for spinach leaves!
  3. Dice chicken and add to separate fry pan with oil
  4. Sprinkle chicken with chilli powder, mixed herbs, basil and salt and pepper
  5. When vegetables are soft, add splash of soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and any herbs of choice and simmer
  6. When chicken has browned, remove from heat and add  to the pan with the vegetables
  7. Place cashews into pan until brown
  8. Add cashews to the mix
  9. Serve and enjoy.
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