You’ve heard of green eggs & ham, but have you heard of Green Chicken? This dish is what I like to throw together when I want to use up whatever is left in my fridge or when I feel like my body needs all the greens in the world, which is how it got it’s name “Green Chicken”.

Toss in as many greens as your saucepan will allow, your body will thank you for it! I have made this recipe on several occasions: sometimes over a bed of boiled rice, other times over sweet potato and often on it’s own. This makes for the perfect post-holiday meal too when your body is craving some much needed vegetables!

*Vegetarian? Leave out the chicken! Equally satisfying.

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Green Chicken Stir Fry
  1. Add sesame oil to a large wok on medium heat
  2. Add zucchini, green beans, kalettes and onion and stir occasionally until cooked through
  3. Meanwhile, combine sesame oil, sesame seeds, mixed herbs and cumin and add to diced chicken
  4. Place in fridge until needed
  5. Add garlic, soy sauce, paprika and all remaining vegetables to the pan and cover
  6. Stir occasionally and remove from heat once sautéed and ready
  7. Pan fry chicken
  8. Spoon vegetables into bowl and top with chicken (and cashews)
  9. Serve and enjoy whilst hot!
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