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No Bake Oatmeal Cookie Bites
  1. Grind nuts in blender (if not already crushed) and transfer into a mixing bowl
  2. Add oats, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, cinnamon and mix together
  3. Add peanut butter and stir again
  4. Add in honey just a little bit at a time, mixing between pours
  5. Add vanilla then mix again ensuring everything is well coated and combined
  6. Roll into small bite size balls and place on cookie tray (I put mine into mini muffin trays)
  7. Let them freeze for 20-30 minutes then transfer into fridge
  8. Serve & enjoy.
Recipe Notes
Calories 68
Carbs 9
Fat 3
Protein 2
Serving 1
Quantity 32
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