I call this dish (unofficially) my “Bachelor” fried rice. This quick and easy chicken fried rice recipe is easy to make but also requires little to no preparation time and very few dishes to clean up! It’s a win/win. I love that it is the perfect carb-fat-protein ratio and can easily be loaded with vegetables to make it even more nutritious. This recipe can be made to suit all budgets too: frozen vegetables are totally acceptable or feel free to clean to your fridge by tossing everything into the pan!

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Sesame Chicken & Veg Fried Rice
374cals | C29g | F19g | P31g
  1. Boil brown rice as packet suggests, until soft
  2. Crack an egg into a bowl and whisk
  3. Place the sesame seeds into another
  4. Dip the diced chicken pieces into the egg and then dip into the sesame seeds
  5. Heat a non-stick pan and place the coconut oil in
  6. Cook the chicken until cooked through and slightly brown
  7. Once cooked, remove from heat and set aside
  8. Place the sliced & diced vegetables into a pan, excluding the spinach leaves, with a small amount of olive oil
  9. Add garlic, herbs, spices and sauces and stir fry the vegetables until brown
  10. Once vegetables are to standard, add drained rice and sesame chicken
  11. Stir until combined
  12. Crack second egg into a bowl and whisk
  13. Add to non-stick pan until set
  14. Remove from heat and slice into strips
  15. Spoon fried rice mixture into a serving bowl/ plate
  16. Add sliced egg on top
  17. Serve and enjoy!
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