Rice Paper Rolls

*makes 10 rolls
=85 calories per serve (1 roll)
  • vermicelli bean thread noodles
  • Valcum rice paper rolls
  • grated carrot
  • cucumber, finely sliced
  • mixed leaves
  • mint leaves
  • protein of choice: roast turkey breast|salmon|tuna|chicken
  • OPTIONAL ADDITIONS: avocado, olives, jalapeños, ANYTHING GOES!


1. Soak rice paper rolls in warm water for 30 seconds and then place onto damp towel
2. Add fillings of choice to the top of the rice paper
3. Carefully roll rice paper over until fillings are secure, fold in sides and continue rolling until complete
4. Set aside and continue until all rolls are filled
5. Combine sweet chilli sauce, freshly squeezed lemon juice in a short dish to use as dipping sauce
6. Serve chilled and enjoy!