Bib & Tucker

Coffee Tues to Sun: 7.00am—4.00pm
Breakfast Tues to Sun: 7.00am—11:00am
Lunch Tues to Sun:12.00pm—3.00pm
Dinner Wed to Sun: 6.00pm—9.00pm
ADDRESS: 18 Leighton Beach Blvd, North Fremantle
PHONE: (08) 9433 2147

Bib & Tucker on UrbanspoonToday I celebrated my 27th Birthday with a breakfast with my friends at Bib & Tucker. Bib & Tucker is a relatively new restaurant, owned by Eamon Sullivan, Jamie Dwyer and Steve Hooker, and is located above the Fremantle Life Saving Club at Leighton Beach.

I chose Bib & Tucker as I had heard many good reviews about the menu and food, not to mention the amazing views and service. It was obviously a very popular venue as it was extremely difficult to find a parking bay. We ended up getting our 4WD on and parking a few hundred meters away amongst the sand and stones. Some friends of mine were driving around for close to half an hour and couldn’t find anywhere so parked on the verge, only to find a hefty $80 parking fine on their windscreen when they returned to their cars! (That’s my only negative comment about the place, I promise!)

We were greeted at the entrance with a smile by the enthusiastic  floor manager who quickly showed us to our table and provided us with menus to browse and water to drink as we waited for the other guests. Due to the parking dramas, some of my guests were held up, but our waiter ensured that our coffee order was taken so our morning could begin and we could wait patiently!

The view of Leighton beach from our table was incredible. The sand, waves, beach goers and sun made all the better due to Mother nature really putting on a display with a 30 degree day perfect day! Being open plan, complete with an open kitchen too, the place looked spacious and free. There was plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, although being a beautiful Sunday morning, most were occupied- luckily I had reserved a table! We were seated inside, however, the bifold doors throughout made it feel like we were outside anyhow.

Usually open plan restaurants are loud, busy and cramped. However, Bib & Tucker had the perfect atmosphere. Just enough hustle and bustle to give off an easy going beach vibe, yet relaxed enough that we could easily hold a conversation amongst our table. The background music was suitable and not too loud that it dominated the ambience.

The furniture and decor was inviting with an urban/ industrial feel. The table decor was minimal, which meant plenty of room for our plates and copious coffee mugs. There is nothing worse than a crowded table that does’t allow comfortable diners! The bathrooms were interesting also with vintage, rusted copper taps lining the trough and water-saving sinks that then fill the toilet after flushing. What will they think of next?

The menu was incredible and one of the main reasons as to why I chose this venue to celebrate my birthday! Everything sounded incredible, with a great description of each provided. There was something for everyone- pancakes, muesli, eggs, breakfast pizzas, mushroom bruschetta and so much more. The only problem was trying to decide. Everything that left the kitchen looked insanely delicious and tempting. Even the smoothies, coffee choices and selection of cold presses left us overwhelmed- in a good way! I chose the Middle Eastern Baked Eggs after seeing and smelling the chef prepare the wood fired flat bread with roasted fennel seeds. IT WAS AMAZING! Everyone’s was. We had a great variety at our table and each and every dish looked, smelled and tasted sensational. Everyone was happy with their choice in breakfast and commented about how they must return to try the rest of the menu!

 The service was good with our waiter giving us attention when required, often checking up on us to see if we needed more coffee etc. Our plates were cleared within a reasonable time and we didn’t feel rushed to leave the table when our meals were finished. In fact, we stayed long after so as I could open all my beautify presents.

 Bib & Tucker was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday with my closest family and friends. We will most certainly be back again to try the rest of the menu- not to mention for lunch and dinner too!


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