Breaks Cafe

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am-4pm
ADDRESS:85 High Street, Fremantle WA 6160
PHONE:(08) 9336 6595

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This afternoon, The American and I enjoyed a lazy, long lunch at Breaks Fremantle. We stumbled upon this cool cafe as we were strolling along High Street. What caught our eyes and ears was the incredible live band, playing at the front of the cafe. We glanced over the menu and couldn’t walk away! I personally will support any cafe that serves all-day breakfast as you know it is my favourite meal!

IMG_8334The outdoor seating (which was in short supply) was occupied, so we opted for a  table with comfortable couch seating inside. The interior was incredibly beautiful with an industrial feel. We loved the exposed brick, staircase and aluminium air vent above us. I ordered a glass of rose while the American ordered a beer to enjoy as we studied the menu- with so many amazing options we had to be certain we were choosing the best! The waitress returned shortly telling us that they had no rose in stock and that the beer ‘The American’ ordered was not cold yet as it had only just been placed in the fridge. We were concerned that this was going to be the start of a bad run for us as this cafe. We ordered our second preference, or for me my third as they had no SSB either but were delighted when the glass came out almost over flowing and the beer crisp and cold! Our waitress was delightful too, very apologetic and bashful that they had run low.

IMG_8337After much debate, I decided to try the Walnut and Blue cheese Salad with the addition of grilled chicken and ‘The American’ opted for the Chilli Beef Burger with a side of fries and salad. We enjoyed the band and the general banter of the cafe whilst we waited for our meals. To be honest, I had talked myself into not being disappointed when my meal was to come out. The salad was in the “Something Light” section of the menu and the addition of grilled chicken was only an extra $3, which made me think it was going to be small in portion size, considering it had walnuts and blue cheese which are not cheap items.

IMG_8340When our meals arrived we were so impressed. The portions were large, the produce was fresh and the taste was sensational. My salad was generous with walnuts, blue cheese, pear and grilled chicken too. It was so large, I couldn’t even finish my meal and that is very rare for me!
The American loved his burger too, commenting that the jalapeños  were the perfect amount of hot and spicy to complement his deliciously juicy homemade meat patty.

The service, food, setting and atmosphere could not be faulted at Breaks Fremantle. We were even more delighted to find that our drinks were on the house due to the fact that they didn’t have our first few choices in stock. What a nice surprise!

IMG_8343Thanks for having us Breaks Fremantle. I would certainly recommend this cafe to anyone in the Freo area. I can’t wait to return for breakfast very soon!


Any thoughts/comments?

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