Heaven Raw Cafe

OPENING HOURS: Tues- Sun: 8.30am-7pm  (Cafe until 4pm)
ADDRESS:26 Montreal Street, Fremantle WA
PHONE:0418 742 917

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Heaven Cafe is a raw, vegan and nature friendly cafe and… Fremantle’s best kept secret. It is hidden away from the main streets and the centre of Freo, tucked away in the FERN community garden on Montreal Street.

In fact, I hadn’t even heard of the place until a gorgeous friend of mine suggested that we meet there for a late lunch over the holidays as she too, was desperate to try it!

I was pleasantly surprised on my arrival that there was no parking metre or limit outside the venue. Was I even in Fremantle? As I walked through the garden gate, I was instantly calm and relaxed. FERN, being a community garden, was filled with lush, green gardens, tall trees and shrubs and decorated with recycled and pre-loved furniture and a whole lot of bicycles! Heaven cafe has an extremely casual set-up with mismatch seating, stools, lounges and tables placed around the raised garden beds. But don’t be put off by the earthy atmosphere, embrace being seated amongst the trees and enjoy the sounds of nature.

We opted for a table outside in order to appreciate the true experience of “Heaven”. We went inside to look over the menu board and place our order. The menu offers a title but no description so we asked the chef what she would recommend. She was more than helpful and gave us a brief description of each of the dishes. She reinstated that it is a completely raw and vegan cafe and therefore the cheese is nut cheese and there is no meat on the menu- not even in the burgers, enchiladas or pizza etc. I chose the Zoom Burger which was dehydrated onion and nut “bread” filled with mushrooms and salad and Tash went for the infamous enchiladas. All menu items come with a side salad of mixed leaves, grated cabbage, carrot and beetroot and topped with a mixture of seeds.  For a small venue, the menu was quite impressive with lots on offer such as falafel, burgers, sandwiches, quiche, soups plus lots of salads. The raw desserts looked pretty amazing also!

When our meals came out, they were appealing to all of the senses. They were so colourful and fresh and in abundance that’s for sure. For $14 each, we most certainly could not complain about the quantity! Oh and the taste was just incredible. It was so refreshing to fuel our bodies with such fresh and natural produce. Healthy is certainly not boring! Heaven is family friendly too, with a sandpit and lots of toys for kids to play with.

Heaven Cafe is without a doubt a cafe to add to your “Must Try” list. All items on the menu were more than affordable and in fact, didn’t price the food as such, but offered a suggested donation! I would advise you to follow their Facebook page as it seems as though they offer more than simply amazing food, such as dinner clubs, soup rosters and super cheap breakfasts that I know I will return to try!

Perhaps Heaven really is a place on Earth!


Any thoughts/comments?

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