Ootong & Lincoln.

OPENING HOURS: 7 Days a Week 6.30am-5pm  
ADDRESS:258 South Terrace, South Fremantle 
PHONE:(08) 9335 6109

IMG_9364 (1)Yesterday the American and I travelled to Fremantle to enjoy brunch at the ultra trendy Ootong and Lincoln cafe. After hearing (and reading) so many great reviews about the place, we decided that we couldn’t wait another day to try it out. I emailed on Saturday afternoon to make a reservation, however, was told that they don’t take bookings over the weekend. I was told via email that even during their busiest times (9am-noon) the wait time is usually around 10 minutes. Very reasonable indeed!IMG_9365


We were super lucky to find an available car bay along South Terrace, right opposite Oolong & Lincoln. Before entering, we took some time to admire the amazing urban art on the outside of the building.

On entering, we were delighted by the decor on display. From the vintage mismatch furniture and cooking appliances, to the collection of old tricycles and iron lighting features. Everything had it’s place and presented nicely on the eye. We sat at a small table for two at the entrance (bottom right of the photo).

IMG_9369We helped ourselves to a menu and took it in turns to check out the lunch options available at the counter. Although the menu was impressive with many breakfast options available until 1pm (although different to the one online)  there were even more delicious and healthy options available at the front counter.

Assorted salads, vegetarian and lentil patties, sausage rolls, wraps, turkish breads, tacos, pastas and so much more were on offer. We assumed that these items change often as they weren’t on the printed menu. There were also a lot of desserts on offer too.


After much thought, I decided on the ‘Spinach & Quinoa Soda Loaf, Peas, Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted Pumpkin, Za’atar, Labneh and Poached Eggs’ from the breakfast menu. ($17.00) The American went up to the counter and placed our orders, as table service wasn’t offered, he opted for the ‘Beef Cheeks & Mushroom Pasta’. ($19.00)

IMG_9368Whilst waiting for our meals, I decided to scope out the venue. At the front, attached to their take-away coffee bar, many home made items were for sale.

Take home tubs of ice cream, soups, salads, granola, yoghurts, jams, chutneys and more were available and at very affordable prices. They also had a small selection of eco-friendly reusable coffee cups, Fremantle books and more for sale.


After a very short wait, our meals were delivered to our table. Just like the other meals coming from the kitchen, ours were presented beautifully and smelt incredible. My meal was absolutely delicious with a strange variety and combination of flavours, but all complimenting each other perfectly. Best of all- my poached eggs were cooked to perfection! I was a little disappointed in the portion size- I could have eaten double. I’m not sure though if that was just because I was starving!


The American was pleasantly surprised with his lunch. On ordering he said that he didn’t know it was a pasta dish, but certainly didn’t complain when it came to the table. Although it lacked quantity in the beef cheeks, it had plenty of beautifully marinated mushrooms and the pasta was plentiful.

Both our meals were delicious and value for money. I want to return again so that I can sample the section of mouth watering cakes and coffees too!

Ootong & Lincoln on Urbanspoon


Any thoughts/comments?

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