Machine Laundry Cafe

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Sat 7.30 am - 5 pm   Sun 8.30 am - 5 pm
ADDRESS: 12 Salamanca Square, Hobart, TAS 7004 
PHONE: (03) 6224 9922

Machine Laundry Cafe on UrbanspoonMachine Laundry Cafe is conveniently located in the far back corner in Salamanca Square. It is a great spot to kick back with its buzzing atmosphere, funky new age energy and 1950’s character. It’s funky mismatch furniture both outside in the sunshine or inside amongst the washing machines makes it inviting and a popular hangout for all ages. Can you believe this place doubles as a laundromat? Amongst the kitchen and service bar is a row of fully functional, retro washing machines. However, Machine Cafe is not just for the local hipsters to do their weekly washing as it is located in a prime “people-watching” space in the square and offers a children’s play area adjacent to the cafe (including a big chess set!)

Machine Laundry has the most delicious breakfast menu and coffee to die for! I ordered a dish that came highly recommended from online reviews which consisted of a slice of toasted turkish bread topped with wiltered spinach, sliced fresh tomato, peppered avocado, grilled haloumi and a poached egg. It was perfectly accompanied with a large skinny flat white, which was served extra hot and in a large mug, not to mention it’s funky coffee design. My friend ordered what the waitress refered to as the maximum hot chocolate which was basically a bowl of hot chocolate, served with marshmallows. It was huge- check out the photo! Steph also indulged in scrambled eggs served with toasted turkish bread and chorizo sausage.

We both had the most wonderful breakfast at Machine Laundry Cafe. The service, food, menu, decor, price and location were all fantastic. I would certainly recommend it to everyone and anyone who is in the area and in need of a delicious meal. I will certainly be back to trial the porridge that also came highly recommended by online reviewers and food critiques.


Any thoughts/comments?

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